Questions & Answers

We have put together the most common questions in the list.

It answers everything from what-to-pack, VISA fees, wifi connection availability (the nature and people connection is great) and washing opportunties (old school, done by hand).   

If you still can't find the answer to your questions, you are welcome to  get in touch with us directly.


Q.      Gear & Clothing.

We have all the technical equipment you need for the activities. If you wish to bring any personal gear you are welcome to do so.

You always need to pack  personal belongings such as cloths, shoes, toiletries, personal medicines, towel and a sleeping bagg etc. Please see the Pack list.

When visiting villages and temples, we recommend wearing cloths that cover shoulders and knees. This will help you to get a more personal connection with locals.

Washing cloths.

Washing is done by hand. There are opportunities to leave your cloths for washing at hotels for a fee.

Q.      Accommodation.

All our program are based from the eco-adventure camp and training center The Royal Beach Camp.

At the base: Tented accommodation on shared basis. Outdoor shower and shared WC facilities.

During expeditions: Self service. Shared tent and outdoor hygiene.

During trekking: Room in local teahouse on shared basis. Shared WC facilities, limited access to shower.

In the city or Chitwan National Park: Hotel room on shared basis. WC and basic shower facilities.

Q.      Food.

In most of our programs full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner, water) is included. Food is made from local produce, often simple and homemade. You will have plenty of opportunity to taste the Nepali national dish Dal Bhat [rice and lentilsoup with curry].

Tap water is not safe to drink in Nepal, therefore participants are only to drink filtered or boiled water. Bring two refillable water bottles and emergency water purifying tablets.

Soft drinks, bottled water, snacks and dinner in restaurants are not covered in the programs.

Allergies / Food prefrerences.

If you have any allergies or food preferences let us know in advance. We will do our best to meet your needs but remember to be openminded, you are in remote areas with limited resources.

Q.      Transportation.

Aiport pick up and transportation in Nepal is covered during the program, if not otherwise specified. We make sure to use safe and reliable transportation options.


Arrival airport is Kathmandu Tribuvan Airport.

International flights and private travel in Nepal is not covered in the program costs.

Q.      Insurance, Vaccination & VISA.

Participants need to hold a viable travel insurance that cover adventure activities for the entire duration of the program.

Before coming to Nepal check your vaccinations with your doctor.

VISA is required to enter the country. We recommend getting the VISA prior to arrival, online or through the Nepali consulate or embassy in your country.

Q.      Pocket money & Currency.

You need pocket money for drinks, SIM card, mobile phone recharge and restaurant visits. If you go on a private trip during your free time or do shopping, this is at your own expense.

Currency is Nepali Rupees. You can exchange from USD or Euro when in Nepal, exchange is not possible prior to arrival. There are opportunities to take out money in ATMs only in the largest cities.

Q.      Miscellaneous.

Internet access & Mobile phonbase.

The Royal Beach Camp is a wifi-fee camp and we want our guests and participants to Connect with Nature.

However, you can connect to internet through your mobile phone. This requires an unlocked mobile phone and geting a local SIM card. Bring a copy of your passport, a passport sized picture and cash.


Due to loadsharing you may not always have access to electricity. We recommed to charge your equipment when you can and bringing a power bank for back-up.

Health care.

From our base, the nearest health care is 10 km by car. Hospitals offering treatment recognised by international insurance companies can be found in Kathmandu, 3,5 hours away by car.

In case of emergency we are well connected with national rescue services and can arrange helicopter pick-up from any location.

Q.      Rules & Regulation.

The use of drugs and alcohol is strictly forbidden at any time during the duration of the program.

Program leader must be informed about travels away from the base, if you fall ill or other safety concerns.

There must be min. 2 people present (of which one being an experienced leader) during any activity.

Time management, flexibility and respect are requisites for a successful program.

Violations of rules will lead to emidiate termination of the program, without refund.

Participants will be required to sign a contract and liability release.

We work for a sustainable future.

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