Photograph the breathtaking landscape, capture the beauty of everyday life and shoot rafts punching through the waves - this program allows you to make full use of your creativity and skills.

During this program participants are based at our adventure camp, exploring the surrounding landscape, meet locals and experience rural life in Nepal, as well as, shooting action during our adventure activities on the river.

Participants will develop their skills, improve their problem solving abilities and tone their creativity, with the support of our team.

This internship also allow the participant to focus on their style of choice, may it be landscape or macro photography, portraits or action. The aim is for the participant to create a platform with a unique portfolio to start their career.

Beyond gaining experience in the field, this program also focus on personal development, team work, communication, problem solving skills and knowledge exchange. All programs also has a component of giving back, where the participant participates in a community sustainability project.


" We got the opportunity to photograph and see the genuine Nepal.

Thank you for memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life! "

- Sandra Sandberg


  • Landscape, Nature, Street, Portrait & Action Photography

  • Outdoor Sports
  • Personal Project
  • Crosscultrual understanding
  • Sustainability

Our programs are individually designed for participants to gain practical experience and personal growth.

We also work closely with the educational institution to integrate subject from the participants' current studies to  make meaningful connection between theory

and practice. 


3 - 6 weeks.


The Royal Beach Camp.

Other location(s):

Local communities in the region.

Build your portfolio and creativity while discovering beautiful places, trying different adventure sports and connecting with new people and cultures.