Grassroot Sustainability

 Use your knowledge and ideas and co-create solution to environmental issues together with local communities - building bridges between indigenous skills and modern solutions.

During this program the students work with projects at the grassroot level and experience how sustainability is integrated in both community focused environmental projects and in a social enterprise.

Focused on issues like forest restoration, land management, organic farming and recycling, students develop and participate together with the community in all aspects of the project, from development to action, communication to reflection.

Beyond gaining experience in the field, this program also focus on personal development, team work, communication, problem solving skills and knowledge exchange.

For more information of the type of projects we do, go to Sustainability.


" I would recommend anyone who is curious about sustainable development to participate. The work we did and the people I met truly gave me the experience of a lifetime. "

- Saga Swahn.


  • Community & Teamwork

  • Project management

  • Crosscultrual cooperation
  • Sustainability - Agenda 2030

  • Goal setting & longterm success

Our programs are individually designed for participants to gain practical experience and personal growth.

We also work closely with the educational institution to integrate subject from the participants' current studies to  make meaningful connection between theory

and practice. 


3 - 6 weeks.


The Royal Beach Camp.

Other location(s):

Local communities in the region.

Gain deeper understanding

and practical experience

of grassroot development and cocreate solutions for

the environment together 

with local communities.