Mountain Leadership

Set goals, push your limits and reach new heights

- practice your leadership skills while trekking in the Himalayas.


  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Risk & Safety
  • Teamwork & Motivation
  • Planning & Preperations
  • Trekking (up to 4 500 m)
  • Sustainability

In this internship program participants gain experience in the field, meet people from around the world, make new friends and come home with a different perspective on life.

What does it takes to be a leader? Setting goals and taking your team there!

In this program the students learn to plan and prepare a trek in the Himalayas, incl risk azrticip and packing as well as physical and mental training. During the trek each students get responsibilities as daily leaders and practice working together as a team.


During this program participants will gain experience and understanding of key leadership skills, while trekking amongst the world's highest mountains!

Beyond gaining experience in the field, this program also focus on personal development, team work, communication, problem solving skills and knowledge exchange. All programs also has a component of giving back, where participant participates in a community sustainability project.

Our programs are individually designed for participants to gain practical experience and personal growth.

We also work closely with the educational institution to integrate subject from the participants' current studies to  make meaningful connection between theory

and practice. 


3 - 6 weeks.


The Royal Beach Camp

Other location(s):

Annapurna Mountain Range

Video by student Jonas Söderberg, Klarälvdalens Folkhögskola, Sweden.


" I have gained so much confidence

and I have grown tremendously. "

- Abigail Merz

State University of New York, USA.

We work for a sustainable future.

The world's highest mountains, most epic rivers and vibrant cultures.

- Let the Himalayas be your classroom!