Acquire knowledge and insight through expediton based, collaborative and challenge focused learning. Our explorative studies and trips open your eyes to new experiences and points of view. Learning from ancient wisdom and modern solutions to grow your understanding of others, the world and yourself.

"The future belongs to the curious.

To those who are not afraid to try, to go and to be changed."

- Unknown.

Summit to Sea Expedtion

Join us on this rare opportunity to reconnect with the most fundamental part of adventure – EXPLORATON.

Trek, climb and paddle on this once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the Arctic wilderness north of the Polar Circle, from the summit of Mt. Kebnekasie to the Baltic sea. 

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Discover the Arctic

Together we trek cross the stunning Laponian wilderness, learn about it's nature and history, while also improving our outdoors skills and connecting with both the landscape and each other.

Learn about group processes, integrate sustainability in decision making and gain hands-on skills for inspirational leadership.

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Cross Culture Study

Through experience based learning we discover the ancient philosphical, historical and cultural practices in the Himalayas that has lead to peaceful, inclusive and virbant coexsistance cross cultural, ethnic and laguage barriers.

This study focus on intercultural and cross-cultural understadning in both the micro and macro sphare. We learn from indigenouse cultures, whom have much to share about how we could live sustainably in the future.

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We work for a sustainable future.


The world's highest mountains, most epic rivers and vibrant cultures.

- Let the Himalayas be your classroom!