International Trekking &

River Guide Education

The world's highest mountains and epic rivers

- Let the Himalayas be your classroom!

An intense three month expeditionbased

outdoor leadership and guide education in the Himalayas.

  • Reach the top, summit a Himalayan peak!
  • Push your limits, paddle some of the world's best rivers.
  • Show your skills, graduate with international certificates.
  • Work sustainably, to become future leaders of the industry.
  • Get work through our Global Network of Adventure Buinesses.

This education challenge the students to push their limits and reach new heights in life. Our goal as a team is to paddle some of the world's best whitewater rivers and summit a Himalayan peak.

During the education students work as a part of the expedition crew and learn all the skills needed for a career in the fast-growing field of adventure tourism.

This education equip the students with knowledge and experience of both the hard (technical) and the soft (interpersonal) aspects of working in the outdoors.

The students will graduate with international awards that proves highest standard of safety and a solid base of guiding skills.

Their experience and certification along with understanding of sustainable tourism, gives them an edge and allow them to find work around the world.

Outdoor Leadership

Expedition Skills

High Altitude Trekking & Guiding

Raft Guiding

Wilderness First Aid

White Water Rescue Technician

Basic Mountaineering

Basic White Water Kayaking


Outdoor Sustainability


We work for a sustainable future.

The world's highest mountains, most epic rivers and vibrant cultures.

- Let the Himalayas be your classroom!