Gain the the knowledge, tools and

practical experience to work as leaders and

influencers for a sustainable future.

Leadership for Sustainability

This 12 weeks education in Nepal give students first hand experience of sustainability work, deepening their understanding of the practical implications in different contexts.

  • Education, environmental protection, innovation, community impact and cross sectoral solutions.
  • Work and learn together with local communities, other students and social entrepreneurs.
  • Make a tangible difference through grassroot sustainability projects.
  • Practice leadership skills on some of Nepal's best adventures!

The students will gain a solid base of knowledge in the classroom, coupled with experience working with social entrepreneurship and sustainability projects in Nepal.

Students gain a good understanding of each subject prior to arrival in Nepal, where they gain deeper understanding of its practical implementation.

The program in Nepal includes 4 sections, which together gives the students the experience and opportunties to put their knowledge in practice. 

These include an educational project in local schools and a community project on environmental protection, as well as, two exciting adventures on a Himalayan river and amongst the mountains.

This combination will give the students plenty of opportunity to develop their leadership skills, team working abilities and problem solving skills.

They experience first hand how a company can put social and environmental goals before profit and be successful, and the opportunity to integrate same thinking on the trek and river journey.

The students also get first hand practice innovative thinking and project management at the grassroots, along with communicating and teaching others about sustainability.



Sustainable Development and the SDG's

Project Management

Social & Environmental Corporations


Innovative Thinking

We work for a sustainable future.

The world's highest mountains, most epic rivers and vibrant cultures.

- Let the Himalayas be your classroom!