Study and explore the vibrant cultures, stunning

nature and ancient knowledge of the Himalayas.

Cross Culture Study

Cross Culture Study is an three month expereince based

learning and explorative education in the Himalayas.

  • Learn from and live toghter with ancient ethic groups.
  • Practice yoga & mindfulness in a Buddhist monastery.
  • Make a difference through grassroot sustainability projects.
  • Exprience some of Nepal's best adventures!
  • Understand the importance of cross cultural cooperation for strong, peaceful and flourishing societies.


During 12 weeks of study and exploration, students will visit the peaceful Himalayan mountains, lush hills and wild jungles of Nepal.

They will learn about its rich history, and experience its many vibrant and unique cultures. Practice ancient traditions and yoga, and work together with remote communities on local sustainability projects.

We spend most of our time in remote areas and off the beaten track, living tighter with local communities and learning from their ways of life.

Integrating this learning by living and receiving lived down knowledge  from ancient cultures, with a base of understanding the history and modern challenges of Nepal, the student will get a rare insight into the connection between culture, nature and development.

The students will also set our on a journey to discover how cross culture cooperation and integration functions to create a peaceful and flourishing society.

Coupled with the experience of leadship,  team building and project management the students will be equipped and empowered to lead intercultural teams in their professional and personal life.

Cultural Studies

Yoga & Mindfulness

History of the Himalayas

Nepali Language



Project Manangement

Crosscultural teams

We work for a sustainable future.

The world's highest mountains, most epic rivers and vibrant cultures.

- Let the Himalayas be your classroom!