Ecotourism &


This education aims to give the students a deeper understanding of the role and potential of ecotourism in sustainable development. While also gaining experience and certification to make their own ideas into reality.

Students will gain understanding of different aspects of ecotourism, from design to management and also focus on different niches: community homestay, cultural heritage, wildlife conservation and outdoor adventure tourism (trekking and river expedition).

Study visits to different areas around Nepal are combined with workshops and students will graduate with international awards. This will enable them to influence the development of tourim in their professional lives and become entrepreneurs in the feild themselves.

Coupled with gaining experience in the field, this program also focus on personal development, team work, communication, problem solving skills and knowledge exchange. The program also has a component of giving back, where students participate in a community sustainability project.


"So grateful that I got to visit amazing places and spend time with fantastic people in the Himalayas.

- Tanja Cordova Gonzalez


  • Ecotourism & Regeneration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability Assessment
  • Product design
  • Management
  • Outdoor, wildlife conservation, cultural heritage and community niches.

Our educations are designed for participants to gain experience, personal growth and internationally recognised awards.

We also work closely with the educational institution to integrate subject from the participants' current studies to make meaningful connection between academic studies and real life. 


6 weeks.


The Royal Beach Camp

Other location(s):

World Heritage Sites, Kathmandu.

Langtang National Park.

Kali Ghandaki river.

Chitwan National Park.


15th September 2021

15th March 2022

Learn first hand the potential of ecotourism to change the world and gain experience to make your own ideas into reality.