White Water Kayaking

 Intense learning, lots of paddling and a great experience

for beginner to advanced paddlers in one of Europe's

best white water location. 

A unique kayaking course with our founder Ram Silwal as your coach. His impressvie resumé of first decents, leading expeditions and over a decade of teaching, he will take you from novicé to confident white water paddler or coach you to reach the next level during this intense and fun week. 

We have groups for beginners to advanced paddlers and the areas variety of rivers up to class IV, which gives us the opportunity to find a level that fits you. We paddle in small groups and focus on individual coaching to enable each person to grow. 

In the beginners' group we start with the basics: safety techniques, wet exsits, understanding how the river functions and different paddling technieuqes and the eskimoroll. As the week progress we challenge each other to a little more difficult waters. 

The group for intermediate paddlers are for those who have paddled before and have a confident roll. Get ready to take on new challenges, try more advanced techniques and learn a lot on short time.

Finally for experienced paddlers we work on “expedition style” paddling, with read-and-runs and tweeking the details in each individuals' techniques. We also

work with group dynamics and communications.

Playboating and surfing increasingly harder waves is an excellent technique training and one of the learning tools we use.

We stay in comfortable cottages or B&B and get served great food - so that we can focus 100% on paddling!

6th - 11th July 2021

5th - 10th July 2022


  • Paddling Techniques
  • Safety & Rescue
  • River Reading and Running
  • Confidence building
  • Comminications
  • Expedition style

Our program are designed for participants to both learn new skills and build confidence in the white water.

We use challenge based learning techniques and intense to enable the participant to gain the most out of the course. 


6 days.


Sjoa river, Norway.

Price: € 990 / person


  • Technical equipment.
  • Professional Coaching.
  • Full board.


  • Personal clothing.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Travel to / from start and end point.

This course will bring your kayaking to the next level - a great week of challenges and development in one of the world's best white water destinations.