Arctic Leadership


Trek cross the stunning Laponian wilderness, find inspiration and connection, while summiting Sweden’s highest mountain.


  • Outdoor Skills
  • Team & Leadership
  • Acheivement Strategies
  • Health & Motivation
  • Sustainability

Practice goal setting and team management, integrate sustainability into your decisions making and

gain hands-on outdoor skills.

Through this course participants will build a platform of knowledge and practical experience of the outdoors and Arctic wilderness, as well as, leadership, working in efficient teams and setting up goals for success.

The experience will take them into remote areas, disconnect from everyday life and boost both physical and mental health.

The course will also enable participants to go beyond their comfort zones reconnect with the simplicity and beauty of nature, while aslo reaching the summit of Kebnekasie.

The participants will  gain personal development, empowering them to continue to learn, get outdoors and inspire others, in their personal and professional lives.

The course have a mix of learning by doing and more traditional sit-down classroom settings – but in the outdoors. Reflection is another key element to the pedagogy, which will enable the students to grasp what they are learning and its implementations in their future.

" It was a fantastic experience that had it all. Amazing nature, great camradery and motivational and knowledgable leaders. "

- Marie Hermelin

Our programs are individually designed for participants to gain practical experience and personal growth.

We work closely with educational or corporate partners to contextualise the learning and make meaningful connection between the course and professional life.

Learn OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP's tools for better health, inspiring teams and setting successful goals.

EXPLORE ARCTIC WILDERNESS and reconnect with nature.

HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT by practicing outdoor sustainability.


2 weeks.


Kungsleden and

Kebnekaise - Nikkaloukta. 

We work for a sustainable future.

The world's highest mountains, most epic rivers and vibrant cultures.

- Let the Himalayas be your classroom!