With several decades of experience in the adventure tourism industry around the world and a board of advisors from the leadership and outdoor sector globally, we are a leading provider of educational programs in the Himalayas.

Our established training venue in the Himalayas,

The Royal Beach Camp, run educations, international certification and research projects in partnership with universities, collages and companies from around the world.

We are very lucky to work with a handpicked team are great minds from the adventure tourism industry and educational sector today.

30 years of experience

in the adventure tourism industry around the world.

International board of advisors from the leadership, adventure and educational sector.

Our graduates are working in

12 countries world wide.

Instructors, Leaders & Support Team.

Our exceptional team on the mountain and rivers consitist of instructors, leaders and guides with UIAA and IRF qualifications. The team has several decades of experience under their bealts,  incl. muli-time Everest summiters and expedition leders with first decents on several Himalayan rivers. 

Ram Silwal

Founder & Head of Operations

Expedition leader with 30 years of experience in the adventure industry, consulting amongst others the British Army on adventure trainings in the Himalayas, the Alps and Scandinavia. Ram is an dedicated educator, serial tourism entrepreneur and Honorary Representative for Nepal Tourism Board.

Gerry Moffatt

Industy Advisor

Author and Film Producer for maongst others National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Gerry is an expedition paddler and climber with an impressive CV of first decent and twice to the summit of Mt Everest. He has also been handpicked by the government of Bhutan to develop adventure tourism in the Himalayas.

Fredrik Hermelin

Industry Advisor

Adventure tourims entreprener with 25 years experience in the travel industry. Fredrik has worked in corporate travel for multinational companies like CWT, British Airways and American Express. At The Search Adventures he creates and guide unique and personal travel experiences around the world. 

Xenia Brundin

Sustainabilty & Partnerships

Sustainability consultant and founder of small scale green and social initiatives. Xenia is a communications professional with a wide academic background in Journalism, Antarctic Studies and Project Management.

Annki Nilsson

Educational Advisor 

Head of Tourism Faculty at Grimslövs Collage, with over 20 years of experience teaching and guiding youth to a career in the tourism industry.

Annki has also developed and introduced several successful educational programs to diversify the Swedish education system. 

Seven Summit Women

Diversity Advisors

The first all female team to summit the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.

A group Nepali women with inspirational stories of personal struggle, sisterhood and victories working today with adventure and unclimbed peaks, alongside the empowerment of marginalised women.

Anthony Eddis-Davies

Awards & Accreditation

Anthony has worked in the industry as an instructor and coach for over 20 years. The director of Adventure Consultancy, he travel the world as safety manager for film prodocution teams, and was handpicked by the government of Bhutan to develop adventure tourism in the Himalayas.

Stewart Williams

Leadership Advisor

As a former Major of the Intelligence Corps, Steward served in the British army for 20 years before becomeing a security risk management expert, working for private companies as well as national governments on major projects. 

The Local Environment

& Community 

We consider the environments and communities we work in as our partners - without them it would be impossible for us to exsists. 

Leaving a positive impact and contributing to the prospering of nature and people is integral to SUMMIT. You can read more about our work under Sustainability.



We create an environment that is both inspirational and learning intense, ensuring that the participants practice and embody the knowledge that they gain.

The Himalayas is our classroom and we design our programs to honour and give back to the unique environments, places and people we meet.


Collaboration and curiosity, leadership, openness and sustainability are integral part of all our programs.

Each individual, experience and moment is different and it is our goal to design opportunities ideal for learning, transformation and growth.

In association with:

We work for a sustainable future.

The world's highest mountains, most epic rivers and vibrant cultures.

- Let the Himalayas be your classroom!