Outdoor Graduates


Our students graduate with international safety and guide qualifications

and have been trained in the mountains and on the rivers of the Himalayas.

Christoph Salminen

"As long as I can remember I had a strong passion for all sorts of outdoor activities. I have many years of race experience in skiing on different mountains all over the globe. Rock climbing is also something close to my heart and something I strive to do when I travel the world.

In the future I want to help people push their limits and develop their personality, escape their comfort zone and be part of the magic moment when the step is taken."

Sofia Klingborg

"My biggest goal is to be a part of others personal and physical development, to be

able to see someone reach their dreams. Its not just the size of the dream, its the

way towards it that matters.

To inspire people to challenge themselves and to help them grow personal and physically is something I am really looking forward to."

Ebba Orava

"Traveling has to me always been a superb way to combine two of my favorite things - being with nature and meeting people. I look forward to merge this with being a adventure guide and in this environment continue to work with

people, to aid them in their personal and skill-related development as they discover the world of the outdoors.

What drives me is the will to make the world a better place, and aiding people in their experiences in nature is one such way, because how could anyone harbour any dispassion while battling the waves of a river, or gazing at the panorama from a mountain peak."

Puskar Kadel

"I have passion for rafting, kayaking, canyoning, leadership and team building activities. I work with honesty to my team and try to bring creativity, positive thinking and good organization. Now I am looking forward to work out of country to learn new things and share my experience with others."

Frida Sundström

"With previous studies in the tourism industry,

I have gained a wealth of knowledge about how we influence the world with how we live and how we travel. Being able to spread my knowledge of how the world looks today, how we can do it better, and to preserve the beautiful environment we live in is an important factor in my life. Having a workplace out in nature is a great opportunity for me to do this. While I can inspire other people to make the world a better place, I have the opportunity to help people overcome their fears or fulfill their dreams."

Finn Wiström

"Since childhood I have made the outdoorlife and adventure to a hobby and later on as my profession. I have a base with experience in trekking, kayaking, climbing and moutainteering, and above all, a great interest in being able to give these experiences to others.

I like to work hard and gladly put myself in new and challenging situations.

During the activities I believe in analyzing and reflecting about what is happening, so I can adapt my leadership for a better and safer experience."

Tommy Antfolk

"For last years I have been traveling a lot around the world and tried out much adventleds, and I learn so much about my self.

Before that I worked as electrician and carpenter and have run my own company since 2007. I like it because it´s so much freedom to decide on your on time.

I really like the simple life and my plan for the future is to help people to relax more in life and show them all the beautiful things the nature have to offer."

Rajendra Karki

"I am a hard working, self motivated individual with a passion for kayaking, canyoning and river guiding. I am a qualified with several years of experience around Nepal and abroad. I wish to professionally kayak and river guide around the world and to continue develop my skills."

My Lanne

"Already in early age, I grew an interest in nature and how we can learn from it. I want to show, teach and guide people so they can get the chance to see the beauty of nature in a fun, sustainable and safe way.

As a guide in Austria, I got pushed out from my comfort zoon and went threw a lot of stressful situations and the weird part is that I actually enjoyed it.

Now I know that I want to bring people out, to meet other cultures and experience the world from its best ways."

Ella Dahlström

"I have a burning passion for teaching young about nature and the outdoor, therefore I'm a scout leader. Here I can teach children about the outdoor safety and first aid among other things. Just as I burn for teaching I burn for sustainability and work with making daily choices in how to make my life , and those around me, more sustainable. I want to make the world a better place and make everyone more aware of sustainability."

Emelie Eriksson

Sharing knowledge and stories that I have been taught is something I find valuable in how to give away an enjoyable adventure. To see the development of others and the joy in their face after a sucsessfull tour is for me worth working for.

“Searching for adventures and sharing it with others is at the moment my goal in life. Receiving inspiration and to be an inspiration to others is also something I find valuable. By always moving forward and developing myself I believe I will reach my goals. “

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